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Hydracup F.A.Q.

Is Hydracup BPA free?

Yes. Hydracup always has and always will be BPA free.

I bought a “28 oz” Hydracup, but the measurements only go up to 12 oz. Did I get the wrong one?

Each side separately holds 14 oz and together this makes for 28 oz total capacity. The volume is measured by filling the cup to the brim. For an aesthetic purpose the 14 oz mark is not shown.

Is the Hydracup dishwasher safe?

Yes. All pieces (including the BPA free Solid Seal™ Gasket) are dishwasher safe. We recommend using the top rack for the cup and lid components.

Is Hydracup lead-free?


What is the gasket material made of?

FDA approved ultra-soft rubber specially formulated for seal applications.

Is Hydracup microwavable?

While the plastics used in Hydracup products are safe, microwaving is strongly discouraged. While the bottle is completely leak proof it may allow pressure to build up if the flip caps are sealed when microwaved. This may result in liquid spraying upon opening the caps. Never microwave Hydracup with flip caps sealed.

How much powder can my Hydracup mix?

Hydracup features Dual Mixers™ which allow it to mix 53g in each chamber – 106g total of perfectly smooth nutrition drinks.

Can I freeze my Hydracup?

Freezing the Hydracup may make the plastic more susceptible to breaks. We recommend placing ice cubes + water on one side to chill the other side. However, if you do freeze the Hydracup remember to leave room at the top and open the flip caps for the expansion of ice.

Can Hydracup mix hot liquids?

No. Hot or warm liquids may build up pressure within the bottle and cause the flip cap to open unexpectedly and spray contents. Always point the spout away from face when opening the flip cap. Highly carbonated drinks and pre-workout powders can also cause this effect.

Is the Hydracup patented?

Yes. Hydracup is protected under an issued United States Patent #8.777.044. Hydracup® and What Separates You?® are registered trademark.

I’ve seen different logos on bottles that look like the Hydracup. How can I know if it is a genuine Hydracup product?

We offer a co-brand program that allows for other companies to place their logo on Hydracup. Any official Hydracup bottle will have the logo on the bottom of the cup and will also feature our slogan What Separates You on the lid.

Can I order a replacement part?

Yes. We would be glad to help you with a replacement part. Please email and provide details on the replacement needed, where it was bought and any supporting images to show the unusable part. To cover shipping/replacement costs we use paypal for part payments.

Where are Hydracup products made?

Our products are designed and manufactured in California and we are 100% made in The USA. Most other shaker cup companies have gone overseas to cut costs, but we are more concerned with providing the best service, turnarounds, customizations and quality. It’s easier to do this when the manufacturing plant is only a lunch drive away.

Can I buy a Hydracup outside the U.S.?

Soon we will have partnered with international retailers who can offer the Next Generation Hydracup in your country. Stay tuned for more information on this or email if you are interested in distributing Hydracup in your country.

I have direct marketing/business inquiry who do I contact?

Yes, please send all marketing/partnership/feedback to

I want to sell/distribute Hydracup in my country/chain store?

For all distribution/retail information please contact

How do I use my Hydracup?

Hydracup is so easy to use a meathead can do it, but seriously. Just load up your hydracup with 4-8 ounces of water on each side (leaving room for your powder) then pour in your powder and continue to fill your hydracup to the 14 oz mark. Add your grids, snap on your cap, ensure the small flip caps are closed and then SHAKE!


    • Add liquid ingredients before adding powders and thicker ingredients.
    • Before shaking, press flip caps down until you hear it “snap” closed.
    • For best mixing action, shake from the wrist and scream to get endorphins going.

How do I clean my Hydracup?

Always wash Hydracup before first use. After workouts immediately clean Hydracup after use. All Hydracup pieces are top-rack dishwasher safe. If washing by hand, use very warm soapy water to remove residual powders.