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At HYDRACUP®, we believe that staying prepared both in fitness and outside of the gym is a huge key to success. That’s why we created this innovative shaker bottle for our hundreds of thousands of followers in over 100 countries. With over 400,000 sold in only two years, we’ve added something original and fresh to an industry that was flooded with cookie cutter and knock off products. But more importantly we’ve helped our customers save time, stay prepared, and get sh#$ done in ways they we're unable to do before - helping them take control of their fitness goals.
Separate from average. Separate from boring. Separate from the Pack.

Our Mission

Our Mission at HYDRACUP® is to bring positive, motivational and fun vibes to you through our products. We don't just talk about it, we back it up. 100% of our manufacturing, assembly and design is done here in the USA. We believe in taking chances and being different, as opposed to the corporate approach of only chasing $$ signs. Which is why we are always making progress to bring you the freshest colors & fun/motivational quotes that you’ve never seen before.

did you know?

Hydracup was originally created for carrying PRE & POST workout in one shaker, but soon after we realized it can be used to replace all other shakers. The 28oz total capacity is equal or bigger than comparable shakers. Just fill both sides up with the same ingredients and when you don't need two drinks use it as a regular shaker. Even if the dual function isn't your main priority, use Hydracup just like a normal shaker and never need another shaker again!!

Only $12 Each!!